Pink Elephants Slot Review 2022

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Maximum Jackpot: 820,000

Pink Elephants by Thunderkick

Thunderkick’s Pink Elephants slot is a game about 4 spiritual meerkats in the African desert looking for spiritual enlightenment through a Pink Elephant Deity that physically manifests its gigantic head in the clouds. Don’t worry if you need to read that sentence once or twice over, it’s perfectly understandable.

There’s more to this game that just its quirky premise, though. Continue reading our Pink Elephants slot review to find out why we think this one of Thunderkick’s best games on the market.

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Slot Information

Pink Elephants Details
House Edge: 3.90% Return to player: 96.10%
Autospin: Yes Softwares: no download - instant play, mobile, Mac
Released: October 24, 2017 Min Bet: 0.1
Max Bet: 100 Scatters: Yes
Gamble: No Max Coins: 10
Reels: 6 Paylines: 4096
Spins: Yes Bonus Rounds: Yes
Wild: Yes Software: Thunderkick
Pink Elephants comparison
Pink Elephants AVG
Rating: 5.0 4.5
House Edge: 3.90 % 4.02 %
Return to player: 96.10 % 95.98 %
Paylines: 4,096 20.0
Bonus Features: 4 3.8

Key Details

Pink Elephants, by Thunderkick, is a video slot with 6 reels and 4096 pay ways. Players can wager as little as £0.10 per spin, or as much as £100, providing enough wager variety for a massive range of different types of players to enjoy the game.

With a whopping 4096 paylines, you’d think that small and medium sized wins would be exceptionally common, though that isn’t always the case due to the number of symbols the game has.

Pink Elephants Slot RTP

Thunderkick’s Pink Elephants slot has a theoretical RTP of 96.1%, which is just above the industry average. This is bang on average, though, when looking at other 4096 way slots like NextGen’s Pillars of Asgard (96.00%) or Pragmatic Play’s Buffalo King (96.06%).

As far as volatility goes, Pink Elephants is a high volatility slots game. This means that wins are less frequent than some other slots, though bigger wins are possible. For example, the biggest win you can get is 8,200 your stake, maxing out at £820,000 if you wagered £100 on the spin.

Pink Elephants Slot: Audio & Visuals

Thunderkick definitely made sure that Pink Elephant could never be described as “bland” when it comes to the visuals. The slot is full of vibrant colours and is as eye-catching as they come.

The deserts of Africa serve as the backdrop to the mystical elephant adventure. The four meerkat symbols are all incredibly detailed, and impossible to mix up. Each of their designs is completely unique. The Pink Elephant symbol, in particular, is wonderfully animated, and really captures the spirit of the slot’s quirky narrative.

The bonus round, in particular, is stunningly illustrated, and somehow manages to communicate the game’s narrative in just two animated images.

The soundtrack is a throwback to early-2000s tribal trance music, and it works quite nicely. In all honestly, setting this slot on auto play is almost a hypnotic experience the way the audio and the visuals work together.

Thunderkick are a studio known for their top-notch visuals and audio, with slots like Esqueleto Explosivo and 1492 Uncharted Seas being other examples of their stellar work.

The Symbols

Like many other slots out there, Pink Elephant has a collection of low paying symbols, high paying symbols, a Wild, and a Scatter. The low paying symbols are quite basic, and are 9 to Ace from a deck of playing cards scratched into pebbles. The high paying symbols are the four meerkat symbols mentioned above, as well as the pink elephant symbol. The maximum payout for each symbol can be found below:

Low Paying Symbols

High Paying Symbols

9 – 220x

Blue Meerkat – 500x

10 – 250x

Green Meerkat – 550x

J – 300x

Yellow Meerkat – 650x

Q – 320x

Red Meerkat – 700x

K – 350x

Pink Elephant – 1000x

A – 400x


The scatter symbol is, truth be told, an odd one. It has two forms, a ‘Mystery’ version, and a regular one. The only difference between them is that ‘Mystery’ scatters will appear before the reels have finished spinning, greatly increasing your chances of activating the Bonus game. These symbols are a peanut shell on a green background. Our guess is that this is a nod to elephants liking peanuts, as we can’t really see any other explanation for this symbolism.

Pink Elephants Slot Game Bonus Features

The Pink Elephants slot game has a bonus game that’s both traditional and unique. Before we get into the bonus game itself, though, let’s talk about how to activate the Pink Elephants Bonus Game in the first place.

You need at least 3 of the Peanut Scatter symbols to pop up on the reels. The regular scatters will only rarely do that for you, but the Pink Elephants slots game will occasionally throw up two Mystery Scatters, and then regular Scatters get added to them and this often ends up activating the Bonus Game.

The Bonus Game

The Bonus Game itself is traditional in that it’s a Free Spins round, which you’ve likely seen on plenty of other slots out there. What makes it different is a unique mechanic that involves the Pink Elephant symbol, magical orbs, and the meerkats finding Buddha-esque enlightenment.

The Bonus Game opens with a short visual depicting the 4 meerkat characters floating towards a gigantic Pink Elephant head in the clouds. The Elephant’s eyes open and pink light spills out of them, while a mystical shape in between its eyes also lights up with the same pink light.

Once this fades away, you’ll immediately notice that the African plains background has been replaced by a trippy, astral purple; and that on the left-hand side of the screen is taken up by the four meerkats. Each meerkat is surrounded by 10 spherical slots.

As your bonus free spins begin, you’ll notice that many of the Pink Elephant symbols are holding glowing, magical orbs. These orbs then fly off the elephant symbols to fill the slots around the Meerkats to the left of the reels. Every time you fill up all 10 of the meerkat’s slots, the meerkat is replaced by a mystical pink elephant.

The amount of free spins that you start the bonus game with depends entirely on how many Peanut Scatters have shown up on the reels, which you can see below:

  • 3 Scatters = 7 free spins
  • 4 Scatters = 11 free spins
  • 5 Scatters = 15 free spins
  • 6 Scatters = 19 free spins

Like most other free spin bonus games, you can trigger extra free spins to extend the bonus game. Each time you fill a meerkat’s magical orb slots, you get another free spins, and combinations of the peanut scatter symbol can trigger extra free spins too, as below:

  • 2 Scatters = 3 extra free spins
  • 3 Scatters = 5 extra free spins
  • 4 Scatters = 7 extra free spins
  • 5 Scatters = 9 extra free spins
  • 6 Scatters = 11 extra free spins

This means that your bonus round can end up racking up some massive wins as more free spins continue getting added to it. You’re most likely to start with either 7 or 11 initial free spins, and between the meerkats and the Scatters, you can quite easily end up with an additional 5 free spins on top of that, if not more.

To cap it off, when the bonus game ends, we’re treated to a scene where we see all four meerkats, meditating and levitating in the clouds having achieved spiritual enlightenment.

Thunderkick’s Pink Elephants Slot: Final Thoughts

Considering this game is so relatively straightforward and simple in terms of the rules and mechanics, this has been a WILD ride. The only way we can really end this Pink Elephants slot review is to urge you to play this game for yourself.

While each of the game’s components sound nice, but simple, the combination of all them creates this truly stellar slot. The simple mechanics, the high volatility, the 4096 paylines, the free spins bonus game, it all combines together to create something that is much better than the sum of its parts, even if it is packaged in a trippy narrative about meerkats turning to a celestial pink elephant for spiritual enlightenment.

Pink Elephants Slot FAQ

⭐How do I get free spins in the Pink Elephants slot game?
Thunderkick’s Pink Elephants features a bonus game that is chock full of free spins. As long as you line up some Scatter symbols, you can start off the bonus game with anywhere between 7 and 19 free spins. That isn’t it, though, Pink Elephants also gives you the opportunity to trigger more free spins as the bonus game continues, and these retriggered spins are actually quite common.
🐘What’s the RTP for Thunderkick’s Pink Elephants?
The Pink Elephants video slot has an RTP of 96.1%. This is average for 4096 way slots, and slightly above the general average for online slots. Players should be aware, though, that this is a high volatility slot. This means that while you have the opportunity to rack up some massive wins, small wins are not all that common.
🎰How many reels and paylines does the Pink Elephants slots game feature?
Pink Elephants by Thunderkick is a video slot played on 6 reels. The game has 4096 paylines, which gives players a lot more opportunities to win than a typical 15/30 payline video slot. This doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed a win on every spin, though, as this is still a high volatility slots game.

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