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reviewed by: Andrej
Maximum Jackpot: 1,000

Cirque Du Soleil Kooza by Bally

When it comes to licensed slots, they can be a mixed bag. Some are great, some are terrible, most are just… okay. Bally, however, have managed to turn Cirque Du Soleil, the international group of dancers and acrobats, into a phenomenal slot with Cirque Du Soleil Kooza.

From the captivating audio-visuals to the wide variety of innovative bonus features, there’s a lot to love here. To find out more, continue reading our Cirque Du Soleil Kooza slot review below!

Slot Information

Cirque du Soleil Kooza Details
House Edge: 4.00% Return to player: 96.00%
Autospin: Yes Softwares: no download - instant play, mobile, Mac
Released: September 29, 2015 Min Bet: 0.2
Max Bet: 400 Scatters: Yes
Gamble: No Max Coins: 40
Reels: 5 Paylines: 40
Spins: Yes Bonus Rounds: Yes
Wild: Yes Software: Bally Technologies
Cirque du Soleil Kooza comparison
Cirque du Soleil Kooza AVG
Rating: 4.0 4.5
House Edge: 4.00 % 4.02 %
Return to player: 96.00 % 95.98 %
Paylines: 40 20.0
Bonus Features: 4 3.8

Key Information

Bally’s Cirque Du Soleil Kooza slot is played over 5 reels and 4 rows, and features 40 paylines. Winning lines go from left to right, and symbols need to be connected either horizontally or diagonally, meaning gaps are the enemy here.

This slot can be played by wagering between £0.20 and £1.00 per spin, and features a jackpot of 1000x your stake. The autospin feature can be configured to up to 200 spins, allowing you to sit back and let the game do its thing.

Cirque Du Soleil Kooza Slot RTP

The Cirque Du Soleil Kooza online slot game by Bally has an RTP of 96%, which puts it just above the global average. In addition, it’s a medium volatility slot. Throughout our time testing Cirque Du Soleil Kooza we found ourselves winning between 30x and 60x our stake regularly thanks to the game’s bonus features.

Cirque Du Soleil Kooza Slot’s Audiovisuals

When you think “Cirque Du Soleil”, you don’t think “understated” or “subtle”, and Cirque Du Soleil Kooza is certainly on-brand for the international performing group. This online slot game is nothing if not colourful. It looks like what you’d get if you asked Liberace to design a slot game, and while it won’t win any awards for its audiovisuals, we kind of love it.

The game’s titular character, Kooza, looks like a cross between a circus performer and a sleep-paralysis demon, which adds a decent amount of character to the game. The rest of the character symbols also have that same campy-yet-creepy vibe to them, which really does capture the insane energy of the Cirque Du Soleil brand.

If this were any other slot, we’d probably not like the soundtrack very much. It’s very reminiscent of 90’s Vegas performances, but as part and parcel of the Cirque Du Soleil Kooza slot, it just works. The sound effects of the reels spinning, of winning paylines, and bonus features all work well with the overall look and feel of this slot, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Cirque Du Soleil Kooza Slot Symbols

The low-paying symbols in Cirque Du Soleil Kooza are your standard fare of playing card symbols (Queen, King, and Ace) as well as two masquerade masks (a masculine one, and a feminine one). The two masquerade masks are each quite distinctive, making it extremely easy to differentiate between them, even when using the autospin feature.

Cirqu Du Soleil Kooza’s high paying symbols are four of the troup’s performers in full costume and makeup in front of a coloured background. The most valuable of them being the red, devilish character, followed by the silver creature on a purple background, the lady-jester in orange, and the old-timey clown in blue.

The Wild symbol is simply the word “Wild” in a magenta box with gold trim. As is standard, the Wild can replace any of the low-paying or high-paying symbols, though not any of the bonus symbols. What’s a little unique here is that the Wild symbol is actually a high-paying symbol itself with its own value, and is the most valuable symbol in the game.

There are two other symbols in the game, each with their own distinct function. The Box symbol and the Bonus symbol. 3 or more of either symbol activates one of the game’s bonus features, but more on this below.

Bonus Features

Here is where this game starts to get really interesting. Cirque Du Soleil Kooza is an online slot with tons of different bonus features, some more interesting than others. From cash bonuses to free spins to jackpots, Cirque Du Soleil Kooza really does have it all when it comes to bonus features. These features also, in our experience, activate often enough that you’re pretty much guaranteed to stay engaged and plugged-in to Cirque Du Soleil Kooza for hours.

There are two symbols that activate these features: the Box symbol and the Bonus symbol. For either of them to activate, at least three need to show up on the reels.

The Bonus Box

The Bonus Box takes our pick for our least favourite of all the bonus features, as we found that other bonus features yielded far bigger wins. This bonus feature has you pick between three boxes on the screen. Each box either contains a cash prize or, very rarely, a bonus symbol that activates the bonus wheel.

The cash prizes are always appreciated, though in our experience, they’re much lower amounts than you can win in any of the other bonus features. These are typically between 4 and 12 times your stake. The Bonus Wheel excited us a lot more than the Bonus Box did.

The Bonus Wheel

This is what happens when the Bonus symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Players are presented with a horizontal reel with a few different options on it, like the Wheel of Death, Trickster Free Games, and Jackpot Wheel, as well as cash bonuses.

The cash bonuses here are quite a bit larger than the ones found in the bonus box. We’ve had prizes of up to 40x our original stake come out of the Bonus Wheel

Jackpot Wheel

You may have noticed from our first screenshot that there are 4 jackpots listed above the reels. If you land on the Jackpot Wheel, you’re taken to yet another horizontal reel, where you’ll spin to see which of the four jackpots you’ll win. The Tres Magnifique jackpot is, obviously, the rarest win, with the Colossal jackpot not being far behind it. The Mini is technically the most common of the four, as the smallest, but we actually won the Grand jackpot (i.e. the second smallest) more often than we won the mini during our testing.

Trickster Free Games

This is the most random of Cirque Du Soleil Kooza’s bonus features, and we loved it. You’re rewarded with double your initial stake as a cash bonus, plus ten free spins. Throughout your 10 free spins, the titular Trickster, Kooza, can appear at any point and upgrade the symbols on the reels by transforming them into either a Wild or one of the four high-paying character symbols.

We experienced the Trickster Free Games bonus feature a number of times during our testing and, in the majority of cases, ended the round with a decent amount of bonus cash thanks to Kooza’s transformations.

Wheel of Death

The Wheel of Death was definitely our favourite of all the game’s bonus features. This starts with a spinning wheel and a double-sided pointer. One side will land on the amount of free spins you’ll receive, which can be anywhere between 3 and 12, and a multiplier of either 2x, 3x, or 4x.

To make this feature even better, you can get even more free spins when 2 or more “More Free Games” symbols appear on the reels. Most times we saw the Wheel of Death in action, we ended up retriggering the feature and ending up with a tidy amount of free spins. All those spins plus that multiplier go a long way in helping the bonus cash pile up, and this is where we consistently saw our biggest and best wins.

Final Thoughts

Cirque Du Soleil Kooza is certainly a slot that surprised us. We never expected a slot based off an acrobatics show to draw us in the way that it did, and we’re likely to continue playing this game even though our Cirque Du Soleil Kooza slot review is over.

The many, varied bonus features combined with the wonderfully balanced variance make each spin feel significant, and we could watch these reels spin for hours.

Cirque Du Soleil Kooza Slot FAQs

🤔 What’s the RTP for the Cirque Du Soleil Kooza online slot game?
Bally’s online slot, Cirque Du Soleil Kooza, has a theoretical RTP of 96%. This compares well when looking at other video slots, so players have nothing to worry about. Could it be higher? Sure, but the same could be said about any online slot game out there.
🎰 How many paylines does Bally’s Cirque Du Soleil Kooza slot feature?
There are 40 paylines in Cirque Du Soleil Kooza, spread across 5 reels and 4 rows. Players should note that all of the paylines require symbols to actually connect together, even if just at the corners, so a symbol on reel 1, row 1 won’t be able to form a payline with the same symbol on reel 2, row 3, for example.
🏆 What’s the best bonus feature in the Cirque Du Soleil Kooza slot?
This will depend entirely on personal taste, but our favourite bonus feature in the Cirque Du Soleil Kooza slot game is the Wheel of Death, with the Trickster Free Games feature taking a close second. We’re players who like free spins, and we also experienced our biggest wins with these bonus features.
📱 Does the Cirque Du Soleil Kooza online slot work on smartphones and tablets?
Yes, Cirque Du Soleil Kooza works well on both smartphones and tablets. It’s an HTML 5 slot, and not a flash slot, meaning no matter what device you have or OS you’re running, you should have no problems playing Cirque Du Soleil Kooza while out and about.

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