Best Cheque Casinos for 2024

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Have a look at the best cheque casinos in the UK. This casino payment option is becoming less popular as time goes on, but it is far from useless. In fact, cheque deposits at online casinos have a number of benefits. They are extremely secure and bear little to no fees. What’s more, deposits and withdrawals using this payment option come with the highest transaction limits on the market.

Read on to learn how to use cheques at an online casino. We’ll also talk about transaction times, fees and the benefits & disadvantages of using this banking option.  

There are many respected casinos on the market that work with this payment method. However, most of them reserve the use of this payment method only for withdrawals. The number of casinos that accept cheque deposits is far more limited, but we found a few respected brands that fit the bill.

Have a look at your choices below, alongside some instructions on how to make your deposit valid.

bet365 Casino

Bet365 is at the very top of the UK market, as I’m sure you’re well aware. There are many reasons for this casino’s success. One of them is that they try to be accessible to as many customers as possible. This is why it came as no surprise to us that you can deposit using a cheque at bet365.

Once your deposit has been cleared, you can enjoy wagering on a wide gaming selection powered by the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. What’s more, as a new player you are eligible for a sizable welcome bonus that can double your bankroll. In terms of payout options, bet365 will be happy to send you a withdrawal cheque by mail. Have a look at the full details in our casino review.

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bet365 Casino
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bet365 Cheque Deposit Instructions

Bet365 accepts personal cheques, cashier’s cheque and banker’s draft, with a minimum deposit requirement of £100.

Your cheque will need to be made payable to Hillside (Sports) GP Limited T/A bet365. What’s more, that the name on your bank account must match the name on your bet365 account.

The casino will clear all your payments immediately upon arrival. This process usually takes around 5 business days. The only exception is personal cheque deposits, which can take up to 28 days to process.  

William Hill

William Hill is another trusted brand that accepts deposits using this payment option. If you are making a cheque deposit at this casino, you will be able to claim any of their new player bonuses and existing player promotions as well.

The site has a full-blown online casino and Vegas sections, which host over a thousand modern games of all kinds. At the casino, you can also use e-wallets, debit cards and prepaid cards.

William Hill Cheque Deposit Instructions

The minimum cheque deposit amount at William Hill is £25, whereas the maximum is £100,000. The exact same limits apply to withdrawals as well.

In the “Pay to the Order of” field of your cheque, make sure to write “WHG (International) Limited”. You will also have to input their address, which can be found on Will Hill’s website.

On the bank of the cheque, you will need to write down the word “Internet” and your casino account number.

Cheque deposits at Will Hill are usually processed within 10 days, personal cheques included. If you are withdrawing via this banking option, you may have to wait a little less than that. The average is 5 to 10 business days.

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Benefits & Disadvantages

cheques at casinos pros and cons

The Bank Cheque is an old-fashioned form of payment, but there are good reasons why it is still an option to casino players. We believe the factor of security is the most important one, as you will not be handing any private information or banking details to the casino.

What’s more, your cheque can’t be cashed in by any other person than it’s intended recipient. In the unlikely scenario that your paper cheque is intercepted on its road to the casino, your funds will be safe and sound.

Sending your casino deposit by cheque in the UK may be possible via special courier service, but the Royal Mail will do just fine.

Still, payments using this banking option are far from perfect. The most obvious flaw is the waiting time for your deposit to be processed. Not many players out there are willing to make a deposit and then wait around for weeks before they can play.

We also have to consider that that not many UK brands accept this deposit option. What’s more, there are plenty of modern casino payment methods that are just as safe, but we’ll get to that later.  

Have a look at our chart below for an overview of the pros and cons of using this payment method.

Casino Cheque Payments – Pros and Cons



Higher Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

Deposits are Not Instant

Secure Payment Option

Longer Withdrawal Times

Available for Withdrawals


Eligible for Casino Bonuses


Small or No Fees


Getting Ready for Casino Cheque Payments

how to deposit with cheque at casinos

Anyone can write a cheque, and there are no special requirements you have to meet before doing so. Of course, a bank account is an absolute requirement. Make sure to fund it with just a little bit more than what you plan on depositing, in case of any deposit fees.

You can choose to write a personal cheque, which we do not recommend. It will take significantly longer for your casino deposit to be processed. This is because the casino has no guarantees you won’t spend the money in the meantime. If you write a banker’s draft cheque, however, then the bank guarantees the source of funds, which makes the entire process much smoother.   


Once you’ve made sure your bank account is loaded and ready to use, write down the cheque to the casino’s mail address. Input all the necessary details, and double-check for any typos or mistakes.  

Making a cheque deposit is not as straightforward as using an e-wallet or debit card. Besides making sure all the information is correct, you’ll have to inform the casino that you are making a deposit using this method. At some sites, you can do this by selecting cheque as a deposit option in the cashier section. At others, you may have to get in touch with customer support.

The entire process is a bit different depending on the casino you’re playing at. Nonetheless, we can give you some universal deposit instructions below.

How to Make a Casino Deposit via Cheque

  1. Make sure you have enough funds in your bank account
  2. If sending a banker’s draft cheque, your funds will be immediately reserved
  3. Make sure you have a pen! They’re quite scarce nowadays.
  4. Write down your desired deposit amount (in words and numbers)
  5. Write down all the necessary details (payee name, address, current date, signature)
  6. Send the check through your nearest post office or courier service
  7. Wait patiently until your deposit is cleared


Cheque casino withdrawals are a much simpler procedure. They are also an extremely good option for high-rollers because of the high withdrawal limits.

This time around, the tables are turned and the casino will have to take care of all the writing and mailing. Maybe that is why they often recommend bank wire transfer as an alternative.

Have a look at our withdrawal instructions.

How to Withdraw via Cheque

  1. Enter your casino’s cashier section
  2. Select Cheque as your withdrawal option
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  4. Enter your banking details
  5. Wait for your cheque to arrive by mail

Transaction Times

Cheque casino deposits are notorious for their long transaction times. This is why many players avoid them at all costs. The cheque has to physically reach the casino by mail. Then, the casino may take a couple of days to cash it in. Once that procedure is over, the bank will have to clear the transaction.

All in all, you could be faced with up to two weeks of waiting time between sending out your cheque and the money appearing in your casino account. If using an eCheck, for instance, the process is much smoother. At some operators, electronic cheque deposits are instant. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll wait 2 to 3 business days.

Withdrawals using this payment method are a different story. In fact, in many cases, we would recommend them over e-wallets. That is because the money reaches you directly. You can cash in the check immediately or store the funds in your bank account. Transaction times are usually up to 5 business days. But, that’s not significantly longer than other payment methods which usually process within 1 to 3 days.  

Are There Any Pay by Cheque Casino Fees?

One of the main advantages of cheque transactions is the fact that there are little to no fees involved.

Online casinos will rarely charge you a fee for a cheque deposit or withdrawal. These fees are usually incurred to International payments. Whereas, transfers within the UK are pretty efficient. If there are any fees to your transaction, they will be displayed on the casino’s banking page or within the cashier.

Make sure to consult your bank as well, as some banks may charge you a fee. This also depends on the type of cheque you are sending out. Usually, banker’s drafts have a small fee because the bank itself is sending the cheque in your name.

If you are using a courier service to send out your cheque, then this service will probably have charges of its own. This is why we recommend the Royal Mail instead.

All in all, however, casino transactions using this payment method are one of the most cost-efficient options out there.

Cheque Deposit Casino Bonuses

The online casino market is flooded with bonuses. As a UK customer, you will be spoiled for choice. Nowadays, claiming bonuses is mostly restricted if using popular e-wallets. This is because of anti money laundering regulations and the prevention of bonus abuse.

Yet, as cheque deposits are one of the safest and trustworthy options out there. As such, you will be free to claim any type of casino bonus, ranging from free spins, cashback offers to sign-up bonuses.

Most bonuses nowadays can be claimed automatically i.e. you select the type of bonus you wish to claim in the cashier, after which it is credited to your account. This may cause some minor issues for cheque deposits because of the prolonged transaction times. To stay on the safe side when claiming a bonus, make sure to consult customer support of your online casino.

If you are new to casino bonuses, we must advise that you have a read of each offer’s full terms and conditions. There, you will find important details related to wagering requirements and any gameplay restrictions you’ll need to be aware of.

Alternatives to Casino Cheque Payments

alternatives to cheques at online casinos

We did mention before how cheque payments have a number of disadvantages for online casino use. Of course, if you are set on using this payment method, then it’s not our place to convince you otherwise.

If you are open to the possibility of exploring different options, then have a look at our recommended alternatives. We’ve made sure to include a varied selection of alternatives, but rest assured; all of them are completely safe for casino deposits and withdrawals.

VISA and MasterCard Debit Cards

Despite the popularity of e-wallets, prepaid cards and even cryptocurrency as of late, debit cards remain a casino payment staple. VISA and MasterCard debit cards are the most common payment option at UK online casinos, by far. They are always available, reliable, and secure. Nowadays, there’s hardly a person who hasn’t used their debit card at least once, so all of its uses and benefits are fairly obvious.

At online casinos, debit card deposits are instant, whereas withdrawals are longer when compared to e-wallets. This is because debit cards are connected to your bank account. On average, you will have to wait 2 to 5 business days for your payout to be processed.

Google Pay and Apple Pay

Google Pay and Apple Pay are essentially no different to a standard debit card. However, if you don’t like sharing your banking details directly with the casino, then these are very safe and sound alternatives.

These payment methods do not use your debit/credit card information directly when making a casino deposit. Instead, they send out a one-time unique code to the payment recipient. This adds an extra security step that makes it impossible for your banking details to be intercepted.

What’s more, you can set-up additional security measures in the form of Touch ID/Fingerprint Verification to confirm all outgoing transactions through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Without a doubt, both GPay and Apple Pay casinos are on the rise

In the future, we see an exponential rise in popularity of these payment methods.


Neteller is a tried-and-true casino payment method. It is by far the most popular e-wallet option to casino players, right next to Skrill. This banking method is available at all UK online casinos, but we must say that it is often restricted from bonus use. This may be a deal breaker to many players, but if you prefer playing with your own funds, then Neteller is an excellent option.

The payment wallet lets you fund your account through dozens of sources. What’s more, it comes with low usage and transaction fees. Players can also take advantage of the Neteller Prepaid MasterCard to withdraw their winnings directly via ATM.


It’s good to see that vouchers are alive and well, and Neosurf is one of many excellent casino voucher deposit methods you can use. The voucher is available to purchase at hundreds of sales points across UK soil, or even online.

Neosurf vouchers come with a unique PIN code you can use to make a casino deposit. Your identity is not attached to the voucher, which makes it a very safe option. What’s more, your Neosurf voucher can be reused until its cash balance is completely depleted.

Bank Cheques Verdict: Out of Fashion, But Tried and True

Bank Cheques are definitely going out of style. But they are still kicking hard, and we’re far away from their complete abolishment. Plenty of casino players prefer this payment method because of its factors of trust and security. Some customers don’t mind the long processing periods, which we can understand.

There really are no side-effects to using this payment option if waiting times are not an issue. However, we must consider the fact that cheque deposits are rarely accepted at UK online casinos. You can have a look at our list of the best cheque casinos to find the ones available to you.

Cheque Casino FAQs

💰Will I be charged a fee for cheque casino deposits?
No – online casinos will not charge you a fee for making a cheque deposit. This also applies when it comes to withdrawing your winnings as well. However, consult your bank to check if they charge any fees for your cheque transactions.
💸How long will my cheque deposit take to clear?
Online casino cheque deposits take much longer than convenient payment options such as e-wallet and debit cards. On average, you can expect your cheque deposit to be cleared in anywhere between 5 to 15 business days. This is one of the major disadvantages of using this payment method. 
🏦Can I claim bonuses using a cheque deposit?
Yes, you can. Any bonus offered by UK casinos is free to be claimed if depositing by cheque. This is because cheque payments are extremely trustworthy, and operators have minimal risk of money laundering and similar activities often related to e-wallets.
💵Can I withdraw my winnings via cheque in the UK?
You are free to make casino withdrawals via cheque, as long as you have deposited using the same payment method. Alternatively, casinos may give you the option of withdrawing via cheque if the deposit method you’ve used is unavailable for withdrawals i.e. paysafecard voucher. Cheque withdrawals are usually processed within 5 to 10 business days.
💸It is safe to deposit via cheque at an online casino?
Yes. In fact, cheques are one of the safest casino deposit options out there. Your cheque can’t be cashed in by anyone else other than its intended recipient. What’s more, casinos see cheque payers as trustworthy, since the payment is directly connected to your bank account.