Best No Deposit Bonus in the UK for 2024

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No deposit bonuses have been around since the moment online casinos became a thing. The gaming regulation has changed, but they have persisted. Online casino no deposit bonuses are not as widely available as their deposit counterparts, and on top of that, access to new casino no deposit bonuses is limited by your activity. Before we get to that point, check out the best online casinos with no deposit bonuses. Appreciate every no deposit bonus you stumble upon, because you have the right to only one offer per online casino operator!

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All of the casinos listed offer no deposit bonuses, which enable you to test the casino, see how it works, and maybe even win some money. Sign-up no deposit bonuses come and go, which is why you should act when there’s an opportunity. Change in regulation is one threat that might remove all free welcome no deposit bonuses. Another thing that has affected the volume of no deposit welcome bonuses is change in the casinos’ marketing strategy. You never know what’s around the corner!

Types of Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Like all other types of casino bonuses, no deposit bonuses come in a few different “shapes, sort of. Although in nature they are the same, meaning the bonuses require no deposit, they vary based on what you get in return for your registration. Let’s check them about in greater detail below.

No Deposit Bonus Money

They are the classic no deposit bonus offers. Simple, easy to understand and they also are quite versatile. No wonder online casino players are so into them. The amount you get depends on:

  • The size of the online casino – Well-established online casinos can offer more generous bonuses. On the other hand, new casino sites offer no deposit bonuses because they want to attract more customers.
  • The launch date of the casino – New casinos offer no deposit bonuses with lower withdrawal limits, yet they are known to match the free bonus offers of leading casino sites.
  • Whether the UK is a featured market – It’s no secret that casino sites discriminate against players based on their location, especially when it comes to no deposit free bonuses.
  • The wagering requirements associated with the free sign-up bonus – Even if you do get a hefty free casino bonus, chances are, you will still have to deal with exorbitant wagering requirements. Then again, the no deposit is free, so you don’t have to worry much about it, but only if you’re not that into making real money from no deposit casino bonuses.

Free Spins No Deposit

Free spins are free, there’s no question about it, but there’s a reason why had to include “no deposit” in the heading. A few years ago, although free spins were called free, some of the offers required a deposit. Today, deposit “free” spins are referred to as BONUS SPINS.

To get back to our point, like no deposit bonus money, no deposit free spins are a bundle of free rounds on a selected game, or selected casino games. Needless to say, slots are the only type of casino games you can enjoy with this type of free casino bonuses.

Free Play Funds

This particular type of no deposit bonus is extremely rare, as a matter of fact, we’ve seen it only at 888casino. The mechanics are a bit weird, but it still works. Basically, free play funds allow you to play a selection of games, but what you win, is in fact, the bonus money. What’s next on the list is playing WITH the bonus money, and then comes the wagering requirement. It’s a bit odd, but players seem to enjoy it, and in our opinion, there’s nothing wrong with the offer. It’s just that it takes a bit of explaining and comparison with other more common bonus offers.

How Does a No Deposit Bonus Work?

No deposit bonuses work the same way as any other type of bonus, except, you don’t have to make a deposit. The purpose of casino no deposit bonuses is to attract new customers and give them an opportunity to test the interface, interact with the customer support, and if they like what they get, to make a deposit.

There are many safeguards that protect the casino’s interest, such as wagering requirements, maximum withdrawal limits, and, on top of that, you still have to make a real money deposit. You don’t have to play until you lose everything, rather wager the amount between 1 and 3 times.

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus?

There are several different ways to claim a no deposit bonus, and all of them are pretty straightforward. Depending on the online casino that’s offering the no deposit deal, you there are different steps you should take. Nevertheless, in general, these are the following steps.

  1. Find an online casino offering no deposit bonus
  2. Check whether there is a no deposit bonus code
  3. Register with the Casino Using the Bonus Code if there is one
    (if there isn’t a bonus code, you might have to follow a link)
  4. Verify your email address
  5. Check your balance, the bonus money should be there already
  6. You can now play with your No Deposit Bonus Funds

If there isn’t a bonus code on the offer showcased at, then you don’t need on to claim it. You simply have to click on the offer, and you will be taken to the casino, with your no deposit bonus eligibility. In general, the bonus terms will be displayed before you register, but some casino sites like to display the terms in the registration form. Whatever the case may be, the no deposit bonus will be credited to your player account the moment you complete all of the steps outlined above.

Common No Deposit Bonus Offers at Legit Online Casinos

Over time, casino sites have kind of come together and have agreed to a few general bonus amounts they are giving for free. The reason being, they sound catchy, and they have the element of familiarity. Below, we talk about each of them in more detail. It’s not rocket science, but it’s good to see what happens with the bonus terms as you increase the no deposit bonus amount. Sometimes, less is more, but only if you objectively evaluate the bonus offers.

£5 No Deposit Bonuses are the Most Popular Free Casino Bonus

It is the lowest amount offered by online casino sites, most likely because nobody would go through the registration hassle for an amount less than that. The lowest wagering requirement you will have to deal with at this level is 50x bonus amount. In addition, you will also have to work out a way around a potential minimum withdrawal limit. Yes, there is a maximum winnings limit, but there’s also a minimum withdrawal threshold. This makes it even harder to win and withdraw!

  • Wagering Requirements: at least 20x Bonus Amount
  • Maximum Withdrawal Limit: Between £0 and £100
  • Minimum Withdrawal Limit: In most cases, at least £20

Although the bonus amount is not as attractive as the others, it’s a free casino bonus, and nobody can deny the benefits of one.

£10 No Deposit Bonuses are Rare, but Still Available

Twice as generous, with twice as many chances to win. At least, that’s how it looks like on paper. In reality, you still have to deal with the wagering requirements, and you can’t get away from the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. The tricky part, casinos sometimes are not explicit when it comes to the MINIMUM withdrawal threshold.

  • Wagering Requirements: at least 30x Bonus Amount
  • Maximum Withdrawal Limit: Between £0 and £100
  • Minimum Withdrawal Limit: In most cases, at least £20

Free No Deposit Bonus Terms You Should Know

Since they are special in nature, free casino bonuses are subject to some quite tight bonus terms. Everything from the wagering requirements, to the withdrawal limits is super tight. On paper, sure, they look quite attractive. Free stuff is probably the best stuff in the gaming world, but it comes with hefty terms.

Wagering Requirements

If you have to decide between two similar offers, consider all the details, including the wagering requirements. A mere difference of 10x can be the only reason why you can’t cash out your winnings. Completing those 10 extra times of bonus amount can make a difference between a successful casino winnings withdrawal and a balance of clear zero.

Besides the number of times you should wager the free bonus amount, you should also consider which games actually contribute to the requirements. Sadly, in most cases, you will be limited to online slots. However, certain casino sites will show courtesy by counting your table game wagers towards the requirement.

  • Acceptable Wagering Requirement: up to 100x Bonus Amount

Casino Games Available

So, this is a bit different from the contribution to the wagering requirement. As long as you CAN play the games, you’re better off. Even if you are limited to slots, a no deposit bonus is better if you can choose from selected slots. However, there are some free casino bonus offers that will enable you to play only one slot game. This basically puts the offer in the same basket with no deposit free spins.

Maximum Withdrawable Amount

To reiterate, the launch date of the casino is relevant and mainly because of this reason. A recently launched casino site will offer no deposit casino bonus with rather low maximum withdrawal limit. On the other hand, big-time gambling sites with decades of presence on the market have the capability, the resources, to offer a sign-up bonus with 3-digit maximum withdrawal limits. That’s almost unimaginable when compared to their recently introduced “competitors”.

  • Lowest Maximum Cashable Amount: £20
  • Highest Maximum Withdrawal Limit Recorded: £200
  • Highest Common Maximum Withdrawal Limit: £100

Any winnings beyond this amount are voided. You CANNOT under any circumstances get more money out of the casino. VIP bonuses and exclusives are, of course, subject to different terms. This leads us to our next point!

Eligible Casino Players

Your location is relevant, even in the online gaming world! For example, casino players from the UK are almost ALWAYS eligible for no deposit bonus offers, whereas players from other regions are not as lucky. This is rather arbitrary, but we can’t do anything about it.

  • Casino Players Usually Eligible for Free Bonus Offers: United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Sweden.

Qualifying Deposit – Applies to No Deposit Bonuses

Even if you are eligible for the free casino offer, and you complete the wagering requirements, and your balance is above the minimum withdrawal threshold, there is still one more thing you should do. You have to make a deposit. An e-wallet rarely does the trick, but a debit card always works. UK players, or any other region, have to do this because of KYC policy. Forget about your Skrill and Neteller, your VISA or MasterCard will do the job. You will get the money out, and this is your first deposit. You can play with this money. However, if you make your first deposit only to withdraw, you will not get any deposit bonus. It’s a double-edged sword, in a way.

However, a min deposit is more than enough! Again, this is only because of the KYC policy. You can find this detail and everything else if you open any casino review at Being a non-depositor sure comes with a lot of obstacles! But it’s a risk-free way of testing a casino.

One No Deposit Bonus Per Account/Household/Player

Before you get your eyes on the free cash, or on the free spins, you want to be sure that you haven’t had a casino account at that particular operator. This is something new players often forget. Regardless of whether you have gotten bonus cash from the casino in the past or not, if you’ve had an account, you’re not eligible for the casino free deal. You can join and play, but no free bonus cash for you. This applies to all activity, including mobile.

This is the main reason why there’s a new casino every week, and there are new slots free spins, and free cash bonuses on an almost weekly basis! New players love them, and these new casino sites are desperate to get as many new players as possible!

No Deposit Bonus FAQs

🎁What is a no deposit bonus?
A special casino promotion available only to new players which requires no deposit. Non-depositors can play a range of casino games and test the casino and what it has to offer. You can play one game or multiple, depending on the bonus terms. A min deposit is still required to meet the KYC rules. This minimum deposit is required if you win and wish to withdraw.
🎁What is the best online casino with no deposit bonus?
One of the first online casinos, launched all the way back in 1990s is 888casino, and by no coincidence, there’s a bonus offer for new players, no deposit required. Besides 888, there are a few other exceptional online casinos that are prepared to show their generosity even to new players without requiring a casino deposit.
🎁Where can I get no deposit bonus codes for UK online casinos?
Websites like are a great place to start, because you can find not only deposit bonuses, but of the no deposit kind as well. Bonus codes are not mandatory, though, some casino sites still have bonus systems in place.
🎁What’s the gist with online casino no deposit bonus offers?
No deposit bonuses are a mechanism which enables a casino to attract new players in a short period. They are extremely effective if the casino is launched recently. However, they have also been around for years, because casino players simply love them. They can play a casino game without making a casino deposit.
🎁What is the difference between a welcome bonus and a no deposit bonus?
A welcome bonus is usually a deposit bonus, commonly referred to as 1st deposit (first deposit bonus), whereas a no deposit bonus is given upon successful registration.